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Surf egg : why it is awesome and everyone should have one ?

You need to understand one thing: we are not talking the kind of egg you are cooking for your breakfast here. They are awesome too, but that’s not the point.

This joke again? Seriously?

In surf, an egg could be defined as something between a longboard and a shortboard. There are plenty different kind of eggs, single, thrusters, 2+1 etc. Most of them look like a little longboard, usually ranging from 6’0 to 7’6. They all have in common to be round and with a generous volume.

Why is it an awesome board?

Because it’s quite versatile and allow any intermediate surfer to be stoked on every single wave.

Longboarding is not as simple as it sounds, as the board is really long (no shit) it makes it hard to turn and/or to paddle out with. Surfing well a shortboard takes a lot of time and requires you to be proactive and/or to surf good waves. Without this you will miss the speed and therefore most of the fun of surfing.

A proper egg combines the best of both worlds:

So generous !
  • Easy to paddle
  • Easy to catch waves
  • Very fast board
  • Easy to turn
  • You can be as lazy as you want, the board does the job for you
  • Works well in small conditions
  • Works like magic on point breaks and weak reefbreaks
  • Comforting in your first steeper take offs

An egg is the perfect tool for all the people below:

  • The improving surfer. Can be a great first or second board.
  • The longboarder that wants something more responsive
  • The shortboarder/ bodyboarder looking for a small waves tool
  • The week end warrior looking for a lazy toy (Hello all the daddies!)
  • All the people living in areas with weak/inconsistent surf
  • All the people that need to wear 5/3+boots+gloves+hoodies, we feel you guys.

Forget all the hype, small waves shortboards aren’t for everyone! Unless you are a machine, you will have a lot more fun in knee to waist high surfing on an egg than on a tiny but large kind of shortboard.

It’s simple, there is no other board other than eggs that can fit such a variety of surfers! If it’s not for you, then your girlfriend, son, nephew, cousins, dog… will love it. Everyone should have one, period.

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