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Surf in Bali : 3 surf spots for intermediate surfers

What are the best spots for a relax surf in Bali?

It can be surprisingly hard to find suitable surf spot in Bali when you are an intermediate surfer.

When you google “Bali surf spots”, it will give you a list of places straight from heaven (Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin etc…). The problem is that they are probably also above your abilities if you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer. If your level is not that great and if you want to avoid spending your holidays at hospital or watching other people rip, it may not be the best option. We suggest you to have a look at these much safer spots. These spots will also be perfect for the ones who want to rock a longboard, a fish, a single fin or for a family trip!

Batu Bolong

surf in batu bolong

Batu Bolong, also referred as Old man is a perfect wave to improve your turns. Located on the super hyped village of Canggu on the west coast, you are sure to have plenty of things to do when your session is over.

The wave itself is both a right and a left hander peeling across a deep reef, ensuring long and mellow shoulders. It rarely barrels, and is rarely flat. A longboarders’ favorite.

It usually works better on mid tides, but tides are rarely an issue here. You might have good sessions on high and low tides depending on swells. Avoid the very small days on very high tide as it will probably get flat.

Depending on the size of the swell, you might need a little bit of paddling. It is another reason why this wave is suitable for intermediate: it makes you paddle ! During big swells you have an inside section that can be worth a look.  It can be great for people who don’t have the strength to paddle out, or simply when the main peaks are closing out. When the outside and inside sections connect you are in for a loooong ride.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and even clubs around the spot. The whole Canggu area is booming at the moment, it’s easy and still cheap to find accommodations around.  A good option for a laid back surf in Bali.

The obvious downside of this popularity and the ease of access to this wave is that it does get crowded. Luckily, the reef is really big and except during small days, you can get away of the beginners if you know how to paddle a little bit.

Seminyak Beach

surf in seminyak

Seminyak belongs to the same bay as (the more famous) Kuta and Legian Beach. But Seminyak  beach is not as crowded as Kuta can be, and the waves are usually a bit bigger. It can be a great option for beginners and for intermediates alike. You can find lefthanders, righthanders, mellow waves, more powerful waves… it depends on swells.
The good point is that you stay very close to all amenities and animations of Seminyak while staying away from rippers and beginners, which is not often in Bali. These beaches are surprisingly not crowded despite the touristic hub that Seminyak is.


surf in medewi

Medewi is pretty far compared to Seminyak and Batu Bolong. The trip from the airport is about 3 hours and the road to go there is completely insane. This road is called “the death road” by locals, and we strongly advise you to not drive there by yourself. It’s one thing to be able to drive in Bali, but it’s another to drive on this specific road.

The wave itself is a sort of lefthander point break, breaking over boulders. The wave is long and mostly mellow but it can be wally and even barreling on lower tides. Take reef boots if you plan to surf on lower tides, as the entry and exit can be tricky and cut your feet like a cheap sausage.

Medewi is a wave that could be crowded easily. It is usually one big section all the way through, so there are not so many take off spots (usually one or two). But the distance from the main touristic destinations and the lack of touristic interests of the area make it relatively uncrowded. Most of the times. Except in high season when some surf camps decide to go there.

That being said, if you go to Bali for holidays, although the landscape is beautiful and the wave is nice, there is not much to do and you are far from everything. But it can be a great experience for a different surf vibe. A surf trip in your surf trip.


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