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Best gifts to offer to a surfer for Christmas

Christmas is always a tricky period when it comes to find the perfect gift for your relatives.

Good news! If the person you want to spoil this year happens to be a surfer, we can give you a few inspirations to find him the ultimate gift! You know, the kind of ones that he will actually use…

“I am broke” kind of gifts: less than $50

You are on a tight budget? Or this guy is not that nice anyway? Don’t worry we got you covered!

1)Wax and wax comb

Alwwaxays useful for any surfer, we  lose it all the times and it is not something that can expire anyways, so it is always wax-comnappreciated! If you don’t want to look too stingy you can even add a wax comb, it will probably cost you pretty much the price of one or two wax, which is around $2 each. Hell if you wanna go wild you can even consider a wax case!


2) Sun protectionsunblock

Unless you live in Iceland, a surf session is quite often in the sun, and if you are white, you ain’t right. Show him that you care about his health
(or just pretend to) by offering a watersport sun protection. Stick, Zinc, many shapes and colors are existing depending on your tastes. Cost can vary a bit ,but it should be less than $20 in most cases.


3)Thermos (Isotherm bottle)

If he is the kind of surfer that goes in the water in winter, thermos-coffeehe will need that for sure. A good hot coffee (or hot chocolate if he’s not into caffeine) after a cold winter session is a must. Even if he doesn’t surf in winter, the long driving and early wakes up usually require a little boost. The price depends on size and quality, but it shouldn’t be more than $50 in most cases.


4) Caps, gloves, scarves

Depending on the season, these are the usual must have for any surfer. Check which one of those he doesn’t have yet and you are certain to make a useful present. It can be for driving, after surf, chill, or even in his daily life since he spends more time outdoors than most people.


5)Plastic or stainless key

This one is a bit specific. But the common problem of surfer when they go out there is to know where the f*ck they can put their car keys. You will solve a lifestime issue if you can pull that off. The best solutikeyson is to make a plastic or stainless key that he can take in the water with him.

Of course, these keys will be free of any electronic component and will only open the door (manually, old school style) but not start the engine. This gift requires a bit of logistic from you as you will need to somehow steal his key to duplicate them. But it is totally worth it. You can avoid to lose a car with that, so not that of a cheap present if you consider the cost of a new car. Price can vary depending on countries but usually it remains quite cheap. And I spare you the cost of embarrassment of coming home walking in wetsuit, or the cost of arguing with your wifey/parents because somehow your car disappeared…

6)Surfboard socksimages

Always useful too. Will avoid all the little dings from the car, the stairs, the dogs, the kids…Simply check the dimensions at the bottom of his board and go to your nearest surfshop to chose the designs he might like.

For a adventurous globe trotter surfer, a more expensive yet useful gift in the same spirit can be a travel bag.

“I am a so nice person ” kind of gifts: between $50 and $150

You are a loving partner, a loving parent or a devoted best friend? You can have a look at the options below.

1)Nsurf bootieseoprene accessories and boardshorts

Gloves, boots, hoodies, boardshorts, rashvests, top neoprene… depending on his needs, you are pretty sure to make him happy with items from this selection. Just make sure of his size beforehand and keep the receipt in case it doesn’t fit.

2) Ukuleleukulele surf

The most cliché we could think of. But some people may be into that. If he wants to be the next Jack Johnson, that’s the way to go.

3) Sunglasses

surfsunglassesSurf checks and driving are both things that require good eyes. You can’t really avoid wearing sunglasses at some point. Different models will fit different people. If you live in a very sunny place, consider the minimum protection level to be category 3, or even 4, but be careful as you may not be allowed to drive with glasses in category 4.

4) Surf lessonssurf-lesson

If he is a beginner or an improving surfer, surf lessons are a very good gift. Different packages and prices exist, depending on the size of the group, the duration, the location, the level and so on. This is a great option for someone who
wants to discover surfing without investing in expensive equipment or who wants to improve in a safe and professionally managed environment.

5) Surf Poncho


Another must have. It’s basically a super towel that allows you to change yourself in crowded locations without showing your nuts (and crack) to everyone or without feeling that freezing wind that will make them blue. If you are a caring wife/girlfriend that wants to have kids one day… cost is usually around $70.



“I love you” kind of gifts: between $150 and $400

This list will automatically upgrade yourself in the top 5 best persons this guy knows.


Wetsuit are expensive, although it depends on the season he is surfing. The price is mostly depending on the thickness and flexibility of material. Shorty awetsuit-surfnd 2/2 are a good gift for a surfer that surf waters warmer than 18°C. Below that the 3/2 (between 14-18°C) and the 4/3 (between 11 and 15°C) are mostly used. If he is into winter surf, then a 5/3 or even 5/4/3 should be enough in most cases unless he is surfing in Artic ocean.

The best if you don’t know what is best is to directly ask a local surf shop that might advise you on the local water temperatures and most commonly used wetsuits. If the person already has a wetsuit, check the brand and the size, usually sizes are pretty much consistent within the same brand.

2) Second-hand surfboard

If he is a beginning or improving surfer, maybe it is time to step up his game! Second hand surfboards are usually way cheaper and are enough for most surfers. You can find some in local surf shops, online in classified ads, used-surfboardsor in facebook groups of your region.

If you are not sure about what kind of boards he is into, try to bring the subject with him with a subtle manner, or ask one of his friends. If you are not a surfer yourself it can be a good idea to bring that friend with you when you plan to go shopping, he will know where to look better than you do, and it will prevent you from being tricked. Prices are very variable depending on countries and type of boards.

“You are everything to me kind” of gifts: from $400 to ∞

If you really want to be remembered, or to reward someone. Or for honeymoon. Or if you are simply full of cash and you want to spoil people!

1)New surfboard

surfboard_bali_journey_biscuit_4Same advices apply here than the second-hand surfboard. But yeah, it will probably cost you a little (or a lot) more.

The advantage is that the board will be really sharp looking, and clean of any defect made by the previous user. For an optimum result, you can ask a shaper to make a custom board. Again, if you are not sure, better surround yourself with his friends to make sure of what he likes and what might works for him. The shaper can then work is magic and give you a unique board that no one else will ever own. You can customize it further by writing the name of the person on it, or your name, make a nice spray work, put a photo of your dog, your tax number…whatever, the sky is the limit.

2) Surftripsurftrip-couple

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Morocco, US, Mexico, Portugal, Costa Rica… you name it. The possibilities are endless here. Take a few weeks off to explore new landscapes and new waves with him. Price can be from a few hundred dollars
to a few dozen thousands depending on destinations and where you are from. Careful if you go in a place where waves are very consistent, you might not see him at all! A perfect gift if you are a surfer yourself, or if you have same tastes when it comes to travel.

3) A car

surf-carUnless he lives right on the spot, usually surfing requires a bit of exploration to find the right spot working at the right time, boards mean a nightmare to transport. Long cars are usually better for that, especially for longboarders: you can put everything in it and you can even sleep inside ready for dawn patrol.

The perfect gift for a graduation or a sweet 16th or 18th birthday depending on regulations where you live! (Respect them, we don’t want to send you to jail!)


Any gift in this list is guaranteed to make a surfer happy. But remember that you can’t buy happiness (although a surfboard is pretty close!), and Christmas is not only about presents but about gathering the people you love (or don’t like so much but you got no choice) around you !

If you have any great ideas for Christmas gifts, please let us know in the comments below !


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