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4 Good reasons to start surfing

Here we are! You live close to the sea, or you saw this amazing surfing video and suddenly that’s it, you want to start surfing. On social media such as Instagram, Youtube and so on, surfing is everywhere. But is surfing really for you? Here are 4 good reasons you may want to start. If you have the 4, congratulations you are starting with the best tools to motivate yourself! Keep it up!

1) Be in the nature

Beautiful hippie woman enjoying sun light in flowered meadow. Harmony with nature
Be in harmony with nature

Surfing is (at this point) still an outdoor sport. If you are tired of staying in an office, or in a city all day long, then surfing might be one of the escape you are looking for. A surf session will automatically clear your mind from all the troubles you can experience in your daily life, and unless you are living right on the spot it will always give you the impression to travel, even it’s a 10 min drive from home. It’s also a great way to discover your region and a perfect excuse to travel !

Soaking up in the ocean for a few hours is a good way to reconnect with the original human side that has left us with the rise of technology and urbanization. In a way, it’s safe to say that we all reconnect a bit with ourselves when we are out in the water.

Some of us even experience a concern for ecology, nature and wild life protection that they never really experienced before us.

2) Practice an action sport



Surfing is very specific in many ways… BUT

All of action sports have common characteristics. They allow you to challenge yourself, to get to know yourself better, to test your limits, and to express yourself in an environment that you appreciate.

You can be windsurfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding… at some point these sports will complete each other in a way you didn’t expect, and will allow you to be active at every opportunity (or non-opportunity) that the weather will offer you.

If you are already into these kind of sports, then you are maybe on the right way. You already know what it takes, what kind of efforts you will be required to do, and the likeliness of being hurt or scared.

3) Stay in shape



Surfing is one of those sports that aren’t easy to start and to follow, because it requires a strong physical condition. When we say strong physical conditions, we are not saying that you have to go to the gym every days (95% of us actually won’t need it at all), but it will require from you some specific efforts that we will try to detail in our further articles.

Surfing will shape your body differently, and you will need to develop a few muscles to just be able to grab waves, it’s a virtuous and vicious circle. If your condition is not good you will not get waves, and if you don’t practice enough you will not get a proper physical condition so you will not get waves. Still following ? Good!

Your shoulders are usually the first victims, as surfing is really demanding on the overall upper part of your body but more specifically on your shoulders, especially if you don’t use them a lot in your daily life. Your first few sessions will generally end up in extreme exhaustion and will be followed by a few days of muscles soreness. You will then realize which muscles are important, and which ones you will have to take care of!

4) Keep yourself busy

gone surfing = sorry too busy

Surfing is one of those sports that can obsess you very fast. There is a reason why it’s been proven to be a good way to rehabilitate for drug addicts: simply because it’s a drug too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might know very soon and get hooked like the rest of us (beware it’s a trap!).

The problem that most surfers will encounter is that unless if you are living in a place like Indo, you can’t really surf every single day. The conditions may not be right, the wind blowing the wrong way, the tide not matching with the swell timing. Usually your workable sessions are on tight windows. But you might not be 100% available on those tight windows, because your life is not only about surfing…

It will require from you a total dedication to be ready when surf is up, and a lot of flexibility in your life to be at the right place at the right time. If you have that kind of free time or if you a little bored at the moment, then definitely you will have something to keep you busy! (or drive you crazy)


What about you? What do you think are the good reason to start surfing? Let us know in the comments below!

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