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4 Bad reasons to start surfing

Here we are! You live close to the sea, or you saw this amazing surfing video and suddenly that’s it, you want to start surfing. On social media, on TV, in advertisement… surfing is everywhere. But is it really for you? Here are 4 good reasons showing that maybe you are starting on the wrong foot.

Because it’s trendy and cool

no need for more
no need for more

You saw popular guy and wondered if it all comes from the fact that he is surfing? No, it’s probably not. If he looks cool it’s probably because he is who he is and not only because he is surfing. Life tip: figure out who you are instead of copying people.

Surfing is a passion. And as every passion, you should start it because you want to. Not to be cool. Not to be popular. Not to belong to a group.

There are tons of activity that are a lot less sensitive to the number of people who practice them:  no one like a crowded line up with people who don’t even enjoy being here.

To pick up girls

please don't feed the cliche
By the way, please don’t feed the cliche

Let’s make this quick. If you are a good surfer, yes it’s very likely that you will attract girls. No doubt about it. But it takes years to be a good surfer. And most of the liars pretending to be good don’t get much girls. It’s not because you say “Yeah I was in this 10 ft barrel the other day […]” that you will get girls, or not the interesting ones anyway. And it’s better if you don’t have to lie and/or make a ton of drama to get what you want. Girls aren’t that stupid.

If you want to get girls, just be good at something, or work on your lifestyle. We are all, men and women, attracted by successful persons. If good surfers get a lot of girls, it’s mostly because their surfing is a part of success in their life, because they look healthy and probably also because their lifestyle is attractive. Take a look around you and you will see that the people attractive usually share these common characteristics.

If you start surfing just to pick up girls, you might be disappointed of the results, and miss the fun of actually surfing. Carrying your surfboard on the beach won’t make you the next Casanova.

Tip: just grab a guitar instead, learn 5 chords and in 1 month you will be in business, A LOT FASTER than surfing!

To brag on social media

Social media and surfing is a bit of a love and hate relationship. Surfing is currently seen as being something cool, so it can bring you a few likes and approval from your contacts, that’s a fact.

But how many of us have this friend who is always in pictures on facebook or instagram on a beach with the surfboard in his hand but never actually surfing? I guess I am not the only one. Yes it’s linked to point 1 and 2 for sure. Maybe it’s cool for the people that never put a toe in the water, I don’t know. But the people who actually surf are not fools and know what it means!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to be a ripper before you post on social media, but once again, be honest. It’s better to post to show your progresses to your friends than hanging around with your boards on the biggest days to take pictures of you on the beach and never step into the water! Because no, it’s not going to allow you to make any progress!

secret spot that you should keep to yourself
secret spot that you should keep to yourself


Last but not least, never mention the location, unless it’s a famous place. We all hate to see our secret paradise exposed on social media because you think you just discover petrol and want everyone to know about it. I know, it’s hard to keep a secret these days, but it’s for your own good too, trust me! No need to fall into paranoia either and take one different road every day for your session to make sure you are not followed…But as a general rule of thumb, don’t post where your surf, or stay vague, it’s a sane habit.


Because your parents asked you to

This one is obvious and should not even appear here, but unfortunately, it’s something that we keep see happening.kid trying

Maybe it is because of the hard marketing campaigns featuring surf everywhere these days, or maybe to overcompensate from a personal desire that has never been fulfilled, but nowadays many parents are pushing their kids to go surfing.

It’s a very wise choice for children that already express the desire to practice action sports in general or surfing. But some kids just don’t like it, and as parent you should accept it.

If it’s your passion, maybe your kids don’t want to follow the exact same path as you. And perhaps when they get older they will try it again and like it, like spinach.

If it’s because it’s been your dream to surf but life got into your way, then start now, it’s never too late! Don’t expect your kids to fulfill your dreams, make yours happen and help your children to fulfill their own !


You got the 4 ? Ouch…Good luck!

But let’s be honest here, I guess we all have a little of those in ourselves, even if we refuse to see it!

Let us know in the comments what are the worse reasons to start surfing you can think of !

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