How much does it cost to surf?

As anything recreational in life, no matter how fun it is, there will be a budget matter at some point. So, how much does it

4 Bad reasons to start surfing

Here we are! You live close to the sea, or you saw this amazing surfing video and suddenly that’s it, you want to start surfing.

Surfing tips

How long does it take to be a good surfer ?

This is a recurring question asked by many beginners: how long does it takes to be a good surfer? Unfortunately, there is no precise answer for


Surf egg : why it is awesome and everyone should have one ?

You need to understand one thing: we are not talking the kind of egg you are cooking for your breakfast here. They are awesome too, but

Best surfboard for beginners: things you need to know before buying

Before heading to the surfshop or your surfboard rental office, make sure you read this small guide that will prevent you from being tricked, or


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